The Magician’s Elephant Debuts #1 on Netflix US!

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I’m thrilled to share the latest news on The Magician’s Elephant! We debuted at #1 on Netflix US and #2 in 90 countries!

Some highlights:

I was interviewed by The Week Junior and shared some insights on making the film and what viewers can expect.

via The Week Junior: “Peter has “grit and determination,” Pistor said, and one important element of the story is how he acts on “things that he believes in to change the world.” Pistor said he shows “you can be empathic and kind, and also a hero and brave.” Caring isn’t a sign of weakness, she added: “When you look at people and think about how they’re feeling and what they’re going through, it gives you a superpower that makes you amazing.”

via “…thoughtful, layered and keenly crafted storytelling… it never veers into silliness for its own sake, and maintains a playful spirit atop more serious, quietly asserted themes of loss, yearning and the psychic fallout of war.


Its storybook symbolism and gentle, but substantive subject matter open the door to contemplative discussions about some of life’s harsher realities, without being inaccessible to younger viewers. More broadly, it delivers a fine-tuned message of hope over despair, and lurking in the margins is a subtle endorsement of practicing patience instead of being reactionary, of maintaining reason even in moments of significant emotional intensity. Add in the ludicrous King, the occasional adorable-elephant antics and a few recurring jokes, and you’ve got 100-odd minutes of nice family entertainment, fantastical escapism with a little meat on its bones.”


via “Stories for children often emphasize courage or teamwork, being yourself, following dreams, or the importance of friends and family. What “The Magician’s Elephant” adds to that is something rare in films for any age: how to think through problems. From the encounter with the fortune teller, who gently guides Peter to make sure he shapes his one question to get the most helpful response to the lessons he learns about accepting help, about learning from failure, about “what if?” as a path to re-framing the question, and, most of all, about factoring in the needs of others, we see all of the elements that go into finding solutions, even if they are not the solution you thought you were aiming for. That theme is reflected in the choices made by the other characters as well, which makes the conclusion as satisfying to us as it is to them.”


The Magician’s Elephant is streaming now on Netflix!



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